Neck Pain

Many people suffer from neck pain, be it chronic or acute. There are many causes for this condition. Your neck consists of seven small vertebrae, which support a 10-12lb head. In addition, many people have weak muscles. Prolonged neck positions, improper pillows, reading in bed, car accidents, sports injuries, aging, gravity and wear and tear can all contribute to neck pain. These can cause structural changes in the cervical spine in the form of altered curves and alignment issues. The chiropractor takes your history, exam findings, and x-rays into consideration to formulate a treatment plan. This can include spinal adjustment and therapies such as traction, ultrasound, and exercises. Tips tailored to the individual can also prevent problems from returning or at least minimize them. 

At Colucci Chiropractic, our doctors have many decades of experience providing neck pain relief to residents of the Tri-County area. We will determine what is the cause of your neck pain and develop a care plan to begin treating it immediately. 

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