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We value our patients' experience at Colucci Chiropractic and Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Drs. Robert and Gina Colucci

Dr. Gina & Robert Colucci were Voted The # 1 Best Chiropractors from the Readers Choice in 2010 by the readers of the Summerville Journal Scene!

I had severe acid reflux and was taking four times the recommended daily dose of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, with no relief. The problem began in mid-2007 and gradually became so bad that I had to sleep sitting up. I was coughing all the time, could hardly talk and had burning acid all the way up and into my nose! My doctor gave me several prescriptions and kept increasing the dose with no relief. She wanted to do a scope procedure but I would not let her. The prescriptions for the doctor would help slightly for a day or two but then the condition would be as bad, or worse than before! I finally realized that I needed to get back to chiropractic care on a regular basis (I hadn't gone in a while) so my neighbor recommended Colucci Chiropractic. With Dr. Colucci's help, I now feel great! I take NO medications at all. I can sleep great (and flat on the bed), no coughing or acid burn at all! Thanks Dr. Colucci!~ Diane P.

I have had disc problems in my neck for 3 years and low back pain for at least 6 years. There have been times when my back would "catch" and I couldn't move, as the pain was so sharp. My neck pain was always there. It was difficult to get a full night's sleep, as I would toss and turn due to my neck pain. The neurosurgeon recommended cortisone shots and surgery if the shots didn't work. The drugs Percocet, Xantac and Motrin were prescribed, as I didn't want surgery. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Colucci, my neck and back feel so much better. I no sleep all night, am off all medications, and my blood pressure is lower. My reflux problems have also improved. With all my improved energy, I can now do more. It feels great to be able to workout again without worry of neck or back pain. ~Andy D.

When I started chiropractic care I had been in chronic pain for 7 years. Two years ago, I had an MRI that showed no results of what I had gone in for. I started seeing a doctor in Summerville for dizziness and shaking and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I also had low back discomfort. I ride horses excessively and wasn't able to trot comfortably. I am also an avid runner but it soon became more of a challenge than a stress reliever for me. After seeing Dr. Colucci, I no longer have back pain, dizziness or shaking. Chiropractic care has made a huge impression on my life and I always let people know. I am a happier person, I think more positively and I am a better person to be around in general. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone.~ Blythe T.

When I began coming to Colucci Chiropractic, I had been suffering from several different health problems. I was borderline diabetic and fast approaching being placed on medication. There were many issues involving my spine. Dr. Colucci stated that my spine looked like that of someone 20 years older than myself, at age 28.  I was obese, had migraine headaches, mental and emotional stress, and severe menstrual problems.  Since I have been coming to Colucci Chiropractic, I have been blessed. Dr. Colucci placed me on a sugar detox diet, increased my water intake and performed spinal adjustments three times a week for 4-6 weeks. Since beginning this process, my sugar level is balanced, all of my systems are operating properly, and I have lost 25 pounds! I no longer have headaches and am almost stress free. My overall health has improved dramatically, and I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone. This kind of healing process does not take place in an instant, but takes patience and dedication. To anyone seeking healing without the intervention of medication, chiropractic care is a great way of being.~ Kimberly C.

I came in to see Dr. Colucci with neck and right arm pain. The ache in my arm was so bad I was only able to sleep for about two hours each night. After having x-ray's done, Dr. Colucci was able to pin point the problem and start treating me in the office. He also gave me some exercises to do at home. I have been coming to Dr. Colucci for about three months and this week I have been totally pain free! I highly recommend Drs. Colucci for any neck or arm pain. Thank you so much! LeeAnn A.

I met Dr. Gina at Mother Nature at a perfect time in my life-during one of their Healthy Tuesday seminars with the idea that they could help my menopausal symptoms. My symptoms had gradually increased over the past year and I didn't know where to seek help, as I didn't want to take hormone replacements. I wasn't sleeping well, was tired all the time and was very nervous. I didn't feel like myself anymore and no longer experienced the the joy I once did.  With the Total Body Modification (TBM) treatment, chiropractic adjustments, the sugar detox and rearranging and adding natural supplements, I feel like my old self again. Dr. Gina's personality, along with her passions and abilities to share her knowledge and expertise with women in my stage of life is such a gift to me. I have begun talking and recommending her to all my friends. ~With thanksgivings to a wondrous Lord. ~Barbara B.

I started seeing Dr. Gina last year. I awoke that morning and could not hear!! Immediately after her adjusting me ~ all was well! She is also treating me for colon problems which has helped tremendously. She has used homeopathy as well as supplements with great success. Even my vericose veins and leg swelling has improved with holistic care. She has helped me so much more than any conventional physician ever has! I trust her completely with my health. I went through a sugar detox and felt so much better. She used a supplement which takes away sugar cravings. I would recommend Dr. Gina and or Dr. Rob to anyone!  They are phenomenal! ~ Carol B.


Just wanted to thank you for helping me!!! When I first came in for care I was experiencing sharp pain in my upper back and left shoulder blade running down my left arm. It was a constant throbbing making it difficult to sleep and work. This past Sunday was my grandson's (Oliver) 6th birthday. He has a little brother (Brennan) 6 months old. Well, six months ago I found it hard to hold or play with him. At my grandson's birthday party, I held him, bounced him and got to see him laugh and smile as we played for the first time! ~ Thank you~ Arlene D.


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